What. Is. This. Magic. Behold the *Genuinely* Life-Changing Cat-Eye Stamp | October 27, 2016

What. Is. This. Magic. Behold the *Genuinely* Life-Changing Cat-Eye Stamp

Wait for it, wait for iiiiit—yes, you just witnessed everything change.


The Eyeliner Tragedy

But are those days behind us for good? If a forthcoming new tool, The Vamp Stamp, works as well as it appears to on Instagram, they just might be.

It won’t be here for a couple of mouths, but feline flick enthusiasts (us included) are already foaming at the mouth in excitement over the 1-2-3-DONE tool. A pen-shaped stamp with a rubber wing at the end, you just dip it into a creamy gel pot, line it up to the outer corner of the eye, and stamp it on for a picture-perfect wing.

(You do have to draw on the rest of the cat eye above the upper lash line, but it’s so much less of a bother when the real work is behind you.)

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

So I bet you’re wondering why didn’t I think of this first? Well, the fact of the matter is that its creator, celebrity makeup artist Veronica Lorenz, is always one step ahead of the game–she’s a co-creator of THE Beautyblender after all.

But The Vamp Stamp goes far beyond just being a brilliant hack. Lorenz was inspired to create it after being diagnosed with a benign tumor that causes partial paralysis, which made it so that she was unable to do makeup with her right hand. Considering what a career lifeline it presented, Lorenz’s latest is a game-changer in the truest sense of the word.

There’s no official word on how many months we have to wait for The Vamp Stamp, but stay tuned because we’re not psychic or anything, but we can already tell these stamps are going to sell like hot cakes.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp