What. Is. This. Magic. Behold the *Genuinely* Life-Changing Cat-Eye Stamp | October 27, 2016

What. Is. This. Magic. Behold the *Genuinely* Life-Changing Cat-Eye Stamp

Wait for it, wait for iiiiit—yes, you just witnessed everything change.


The Eyeliner Tragedy

But are those days behind us for good? If a forthcoming new tool, The Vamp Stamp, works as well as it appears to on Instagram, they just might be.

It won’t be here for a couple of mouths, but feline flick enthusiasts (us included) are already foaming at the mouth in excitement over the 1-2-3-DONE tool. A pen-shaped stamp with a rubber wing at the end, you just dip it into a creamy gel pot, line it up to the outer corner of the eye, and stamp it on for a picture-perfect wing.

(You do have to draw on the rest of the cat eye above the upper lash line, but it’s so much less of a bother when the real work is behind you.)

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

So I bet you’re wondering why didn’t I think of this first? Well, the fact of the matter is that its creator, celebrity makeup artist Veronica Lorenz, is always one step ahead of the game–she’s a co-creator of THE Beautyblender after all.

But The Vamp Stamp goes far beyond just being a brilliant hack. Lorenz was inspired to create it after being diagnosed with a benign tumor that causes partial paralysis, which made it so that she was unable to do makeup with her right hand. Considering what a career lifeline it presented, Lorenz’s latest is a game-changer in the truest sense of the word.

There’s no official word on how many months we have to wait for The Vamp Stamp, but stay tuned because we’re not psychic or anything, but we can already tell these stamps are going to sell like hot cakes.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp



This is how to get perfect winged liner every time | October 25, 2016

This is how to get perfect winged liner every time

No more make-up fails…

While stars like Alexa Chung and Adele are rarely seen without their signature perfectly winged eyeliner, when it comes to recreating the look at home we usually don’t get quite as impressive results.

The combination of trying to achieve the perfect flick, smooth lines and making it even on both eyes is a beauty challenge that often defeats us, but not for much longer thanks to an amazing new creation called The Vamp Stamp.


An ingenious creation, this eyeliner pen works like a stamp which you simply press against your eye for a flawless winged effect.

There are two different size stamps on offer, which come with a pen at both ends so users can ensure their flicks match and perfect the finished look.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

The Vamp Stamp is an eyeliner stamp to give a flawless look

Sadly the Vamp Stamp is not yet available in stores, but the beauty brand has already attracted close to 22,000 followers who have been impressed by the videos demonstrating the stamp at work.

“I need this in my life!” one commented, while another wrote: “Imagine how easy life would be.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on this!




This New Makeup Stamp Is the Laziest Way to Craft the Perfect Cat Eye | October 23,2016

This New Makeup Stamp Is the Laziest Way to Craft the Perfect Cat Eye

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Crafting the perfect cat eye takes time . . . time that many women don’t have. In the morning before work, who has the patience to correct smudges, uneven wings, and shaky lines? However, a promising new beauty tool seems like the solution to all your cat-eye issues.

The Vamp Stamp is a double-sided eyeliner marker. Either end features razor-sharp wing “stamps” (one for your left eye, one for your right) that you can just press against the outer corner to create a flawless cat eye. It will also be available in two different sizes, presumably so you can choose between a more subtle “kitten eye” or a more dramatic wing.

The brand told POPSUGAR via email that The Vamp Stamp will be available in two to three months, but in the meantime, we’re completely mesmerized by the Instagram videos demonstrating how the product works. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

Instagram, @the_vampstamp



Huffington Post

Perfect Winged Liner Is In Your Future With Vamp Stamp | October 20, 2016

Perfect Winged Liner Is In Your Future With Vamp Stamp

No artistic skills required.

No more deep breaths before applying your eyeliner, friends.
There’s a new tool coming out that’s about to change your cat-eye game. Possibly for good.

The cheekily named Vamp Stamp is a double-ended (so you get two size options), V-shaped stamp that fits into the corners of your eyes. The stamp is dipped into your favorite pot of liner, placed at the outer corner of your eye (where you want your wing), and then pressed down onto your skin.

And just like that, you’re wingin’ it like a pro.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

We can’t stop watching the brand’s Instagram videos, which show just how simple this tool makes your liner application:

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

There’s also a really beautiful story behind Vamp Stamp.

We spoke to the Vamp Stamp team and they told The Huffington Post that the tool was created by celebrity makeup artist Veronica Lorenz (who also founded the iconic Beautyblender!) after she was diagnosed with a benign cervical tumor and slowly became unable to do makeup with her right hand due to the partial paralysis the tumor caused. The tumor eventually impacted her left hand as well, leaving Lorenz to get creative in order to apply makeup more effectively and efficiently.

Because winged eyeliner had been one of her favorite looks to create and
to wear, Lorenz created the Vamp Stamp. It’s “a technique anyone can
accomplish in seconds, no skill required,” the Vamp Stamp team told us.

The Vamp Stamp doesn’t have an official release date or price as of now, but the team said they believe the tools “will be available to purchase online within 2-3 months.”

We can hardly wait!



The Vamp Stamp in Allure

The Vamp Stamp Is Here to Help You Nail the Cat Eye | October 20, 2016

The Vamp Stamp Is Here to Help You Nail the Cat Eye

Some people use tape, others create a triangle and fill it in like a little diagram. The cat-eye struggles are really, really real. Well, the Vamp Stamp is now here to help you get a clean, even line on both eyes, at that perfect angle that’s so hard to do perfectly when you’re not a makeup artist. Well, the Vamp Stamp isn’t here yet, but based on some Instagram stalking we’ve done, we’re really excited to try it. The tool is literally a stamp that helps you create a perfectly even cat eye every time. If this little beauty tool does what it says it does (and it seems like that’s the case so far), it’s going to be a game changer.

We haven’t tried it out yet, but we’re banking on this being the kind of tool we can’t believe we’ve lived without. That’s because it’s the brainchild of Veronica Lorenz, co-creator of the Beautyblender Original makeup sponge.


And we know how life-changing that sponge is. A spokesperson for the Vamp Stamp tells us that Lorenz’s inspiration for the tool wasn’t just her signature winged eyeliner but really the fact that she was diagnosed with a benign tumor on her spinal cord and lost partial use of her hands. She created a product that would allow her to continue working as a TV and film makeup artist. With the launch of this tool, people with physical handicaps can easily get that crisp cat-eye look much easier.

All you have to do is dip the stamp into an eyeliner pot (a cream one would work best). Then you line it up to the outer corner of your eye and choose what angle you want your cat eye to be. Some people like a subtle cat eye and others want that supersharp angle–it’s up to you. Then you just stamp. It really looks that easy. See for yourself:

Instagram, @the_vampstamp



The Vamp Stamp Is Going To End Your Winged Eyeliner Struggle | October 19, 2016

The Vamp Stamp Is Going To End Your Winged Eyeliner Struggle

And it’s ridiculously easy to use.

The struggle to create perfect winged eyeliner is real, but The Vamp Stamp just might solve all of our cat-eye problems. The stamp looks like something from a late-night infomercial. You know the products that promise to change your life but end up being useless? But from what we can see, The Vamp Stamp is legit. And a handful of beauty gurus are already putting it to good use.

So how does it work? It’s just like an arts-and-crafts stamp, except it’s safe to put on your face. You just press the flat tool where you want your wing, and voilà—a perfect cat eye. There’s no need to go over the line multiple times because one tap leaves behind a bold, pigmented color. Yeah, it’s that easy. The only not-so-good news is that The Vamp Stamp isn’t for sale just yet. The brand’s Instagram page says it will be available “soon.” Our only question: How soon is soon? Because we need this, like, yesterday. Scroll down to see The Vamp Stamp in action.

Here’s how you can use The Vamp Stamp to create a bold cat eye.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

And you can use it to get a thin wing, too.

And here’s another vampy look.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp




This Makeup Stamp Will Cure All of Your Cat-Eye Anxieties | Oct 18, 2016

This Makeup Stamp Will Cure All of Your Cat-Eye Anxieties

You no longer have to wing your winged liner.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

You know when you’re waiting in line at Bed, Bath & Beyond and notice at least 10 things you didn’t even know existed but knew they’d instantly change your life? That’s how I feel about The Vamp Stamp’s invention of a stamped winged liner, which I learned about through HelloGiggles.

Basically, this tool makes quotes like “Never ask a girl with winged liner why she’s late” null and void. Here’s why: The tool, which is double-ended so its V-shaped stamp matches smaller and larger eyes, helps you achieve a cat-eye in literally two seconds. All you do is dip the stamp in your pot of black liner, line it up at the outer corner of your eye where you want your flick to go, and press. Boom: You’re ready to go and you’re not. Even. Late!

Here are a few girls using the tool to show you just how foolproof and easy it is:

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Here’s another test case! Just look at how easy it is!

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

And another:


And one more in case you can’t believe your eyes!

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

The only down side is it’s not out yet. Even though the brand’s Instagram says it’s out “Soon 😏😘 ,” it really can’t come soon enough. All that’s left to do now is watch Vamp Stamp’s Insta for updates.

*Refreshes page on repeat for launch date.*



Vamp Stamp Advertises Makeup Stamp for Perfect Winged Eyeliner| October 17, 2016

Vamp Stamp Advertises Makeup Stamp for Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Cat eye to die (for).

Beauty buffs, your cat-eye prayers may have just been answered.

Indie beauty brand Vamp Stamp is advertising a “makeup stamp” that claims to perfect your winged eyeliner with an incredibly simple one-handed hack. The not-yet-released product is shown to be an inky pen that you press against the corner of your eye for an instant winged look.

Vamp Stamp promises no more shaky, lopsided lines, thanks to its dual-sided pen, with each end tailored to an eye, HelloGiggles reports. The stamp will also reportedly be available in two sizes so you can customize your cat eye, the brand explains on Instagram.

Vamp Stamp’s website is still under construction, but it’s shared several videos of the product in use to its Instagram and Facebook. The brand also says the product will be available in two to three months, but pricing info has not yet been released.

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp

Instagram, @the_vampstamp




DERMSTORE.COM | July 7, 2015

So you’ve been working hard in the gym to get your arms, legs and abs ready for swimsuit season—but is your skin summer-ready? The good news is that achieving a beach-ready complexion isn’t as hard as you think. All it takes are a few skin care products—and some clever tricks—to achieve the skin of your dreams this summer.

STEP 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliating dull winter skin is key to achieving an enviable summer glow. There are a couple of routes to take here, depending on your preference and skin type.

If you’re a fan of physical exfoliants or scrubs, one of my favorites for the body is CARITA Preparing Contour Scrub. This product features caffeine and hydrating oils that buff even the most ashen elbows to a shine. Another favorite of mine is Kai Body Polish. Nothing beats the gardenia-inspired sugar-and-salt combo.

If, like me, you prefer acid-based exfoliants, there are a lot to choose from: glycolic acid for almost all skin types; salicylic acid for acne-prone skin; trichloroacetic acid for anti-aging; azeleic acid for rosacea-prone and hyperpigmented skin; and lactic acid or malic acid for sensitive skin types. Keep in mind that the goal of exfoliation is to cleanse and soften the skin, not to irritate, so if you are on the sensitive side I recommend a gentle scrub like Avène Akerat Smoothing Exfoliating Cream. This is especially helpful for evening out dry, blotchy skin.

STEP 2: Hydrate

Once you’ve properly exfoliated, slather on your favorite go-to body moisturizer. This is important if your skin is on the dry side and needs an extra boost of hydration, but I personally get the best results by applying self-tanner immediately. If you do want to hydrate first, give your moisturizer ample time to absorb (watching an episode of your favorite show should do it).

STEP 3: Bronze

One of the first tricks of the trade I learned was the value of a subtle bronze glow. The effect creates a youthful, slimming look that works on virtually any skin tone. If you’re new to self-tanning, you have a few options, such as gels and lotions. But if you want a streak-free application, I recommend using a light mousse.

Makeup Expert Tip: Did you know you can use your bronzer as an eye shadow? Keep the eye color light, and don’t forget to accent your décolletage. Another trick of the trade? Take your favorite loose bronzer or highlighter and mix it with baby oil gel. Apply this concoction to your body to get a gorgeous glow!

STEP 4: Maintain Your Summer Glow

To avoid washing off your tan, keep showers brief and not too hot. After your bath, let your skin air-dry or gently pat it with a towel. Then apply a tan-extending moisturizer like Tahitian Tan Extender by South Seas. If you plan to go for a swim, be sure to apply a water-resistant lotion with SPF.

After a week, exfoliate your skin to give it a fresh go. If left for too long, your tan can look splotchy—like you forgot to bathe.
Veronica for Dermstore


5 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older
DERMSTORE.COM | May 5, 2015

You may think that the older you get, the more makeup you need to cover up your flaws—namely smile lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and age spots. But according to Veronica Lorenz, makeup artist and inventor of the beautyblender, this is actually counterproductive. “Less is more is a good rule of thumb when it comes to applying makeup on more mature skin,” she says. “And blend, blend, blend. Makeup should enhance your skin, not mask it.”

To make sure we’re using makeup to our advantage, Lorenz pointed out five common makeup mistakes that make us look older—plus, what we can do to rectify them.

MISTAKE 1: Using Foundation to Mask Your Skin

“First of all, try to keep foundation as sheer as possible,” says Lorenz. “Spot correct only where necessary. Apply too heavily and your foundation will sink into the folds of your skin, putting more emphasis on the features you want to cover up in the first place.”

MISTAKE 2: Applying Too Much Powder

Applying too much powder—especially on top of foundation—won’t help either. “Powder will emphasize wrinkles, especially around the eyes,” she says. Instead, Lorenz recommends setting your eye concealer and your foundation by blotting it with tissue or blot papers. “Give your makeup time to ‘cook,’ or sink into the skin, before you blot so that you’re not removing too much of the makeup.”

MISTAKE 3: Neglecting Your Brows and Lashes

You know what ages you aside from wrinkles and age spots? Thinning eyebrows and sparse lashes! “Make sure you fill in sparse brows and lashes. Remember, fuller brows and lashes equal youthfulness!” She also suggests curling your eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and more awake.

MISTAKE 4: Using Too Much Shimmer

“Try to avoid shimmery eye shadows; they will only highlight crepey eyelids. Instead, stick with matte shadow or cream formulas.” She also recommends using eyeliner pencils instead of liquid liners because liquid liners tend to look too harsh on more mature skin.

“As for blush and bronzer, go for cream formulations or tints for a more youthful-looking, dewy finish,” she adds.

MISTAKE 5: Using the Wrong Lipstick Shade

Our natural lip line fades with age, which makes lipstick more prone to bleeding and feathering. Use a clear lip liner to help keep your lip color in place. “Also, choose a neutral shade—something that’s not too bright or too dark for your skin tone.”


BLUSH.COM How to Mask Spring Allergies | March 07, 2014

With so many fun fashion and beauty trends to try this spring, the last thing you want is a red nose and a pair of puffy eyes. Here, makeup artist and Beautyblender creator Veronica Lorenz gives us a few easy tricks to mask those pesky spring allergy symptoms!

FOR YOUR EYES “For dark circles, apply a cream concealer with a brush and blend it with a Beautyblender. I personally like Circle Delete Concealer by jane iredale.”

Beautyblender by Veronica Lorenz

Beautyblender by Veronica Lorenz

 Circle Delete Concealer by Jane Iredale

Circle Delete Concealer by Jane Iredale

Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara (0.33fl oz.) by CARGO

Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara (0.33fl oz.) by CARGO

“To make your eyes look more alert and awake, curl your lashes and wear waterproof mascara. And to brighten the whites of your eyes try using a dark blue eyeliner instead of black.”

For red eyes, use Naphcon A eye drops. This contains an antihistamine to stop itching and a vasoconstrictor that eliminates redness. And for puffiness, pat warm tea bags over the eyes for 10 minutes instead of cucumber. Tea bags work better because they form fit to the eyes.” FOR YOUR NOSE To cover up red nose, apply a cream formula base like Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer with a damp Beautyblender.”

Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

Beautyblender by Veronica Lorenz

Beautyblender by Veronica Lorenz

Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub by La Roche-Posay.

Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub by La Roche-Posay.

Soothing Moisture Mask (1.7fl oz.) by Avene

Soothing Moisture Mask (1.7fl oz.)
by Avene

For dry and scaly skin around the nose, exfoliate and moisturize. For a weekly exfoliation, I like Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub by La Roche-Posay.

This product pays attention to sensitive skin affected by allergies. One line I find that also works well with my clients is Avene. Their products are safe and gentle for angry skin.”

DIY YOUR EXFOLIANT! Mix baking soda and water until it assumes a paste-like consistency. This is perfect for sensitive skin and also economical!”

  FOR YOUR SKIN If your skin is red, add a little cortisol cream to your moisturizer. This is safe to use around the eyes but not a routine you should follow on a regular basis. You can also mix the cortisone cream with your Kevin Aucoin Skin Enhancer.

Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by Becca Cosmetics

Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by Becca Cosmetics

“Use a silicone primer, something like Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by Becca Cosmetics, to minimize the need for a thicker foundation. This product fills in lines and cracks, and has a good staying power. As for blush, avoid reds and pinks. Go with a neutral tone palette of browns or bronzers.”

“Also hydrated skin is less bloated so drink lots of water! Add lemon and/or cucumber for an extra boost in vitamin C.”



5 Date Night Looks To Try This V-Day Weekend | February 13, 2014

A hot date, check. Dinner reservations, check. A killer outfit, check. A head-turning, drool-inducing makeup look to match? Hmm…didn’t think of that, did you? Don’t worry! Here, Veronica Lorenz, makeup artist and creator of the innovative and much-loved BeautyBlender, gives you 5 celebrity-inspired makeup looks—and some easy tricks to recreate them—to get you primped and pretty on Valentine’s Day.

As Seen On: Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

“The medium-gray graphite shadows and liner Taylor Swift uses here is perfect for day to night. It’s not too saturated or bold. What polishes off her soft and pretty look is the use of highlighter in the inner corners of her eyes. This is something you can do at home in a flash. To get it right every time, I like using Spotlight Highlighting Pencil by Revitalash.”

As Seen On: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

“This look works because of the perfect blending of warm eye shadow and blush tones with a cool lip tone. Warm and cool tones together can be tricky to pull off, so be sure your clothes and makeup support each other. Her crisp white shirt works perfectly. To get those pretty puckers, try Vincent Longo Lip in Foxina.”

As Seen On: Allison Williams
Allison Williams

“Like Taylor, Allison wears medium shadow tones with highlighter in the corner of her eyes. What I like about this look is the very focused, precise eyeliner applied just on the waterline. Unlike the smudged-out, smoky eye we see a lot, the result here is wearable at any age and any time of day. Get this look using a pencil liner like Endless Silky Eye Pen by Pixi Beauty.”

As Seen On: Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone

“What I appreciate most about her look is that it’s complete. She pays attention to her neck, shoulders, and décolletage. If you have some know-how, try contouring your cleavage with a bronzer that’s two shades darker than your skin. I like Girlactik’s Matte Bronzer. Otherwise, a quick and easy way to enhance your overall appearance is to apply highlighter on your shoulders and collarbone. Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder is great.”

As Seen On: Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss

“This fresh look works because her red lip is pretty without being too dramatic. I recommend using a berry-colored stain like Stainiac Beauty Queen by The Balm. Also, to achieve a deceptively natural look, choose a foundation with lighter coverage, a bb cream or even a tinted moisturizer.”